Grand Opening 25 of June 21:00 Gmt+3

Beta server 20 of June - Grand Opening 25 of June 2021 21:00 Gmt+3!

The best out of the Interlude chronicle is coming, June 25! Interlude midrate with balanced gameplay you've been waiting for! A unique combination of retail features and customized gameplay.

Basic information

  • Top Quality Files
  • Style: Craft-PVP, Mid-rate

Server parameters

  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Exp/SP x50
  • Adena: X15
  • Drop: X10 (chance)
  • Spoil: X10 (chance)
  • Quest Drop: x3
  • Quest Reward: x2

Special Bonus For Clans!
All clans will receive Clan Level 5 + 4500 Points! To get your Rewards you need to register your clan by contact admin.


Beta 9vs9 GvG with Reward 150 USD!
Register your party in our Beta GvG 9vs9 Event and win Real Money!