Beta server 13 of September - Grand Opening 17 of September 2021 21:00 Gmt+3!

The best out of the Interlude chronicle is coming, September 17! Interlude midrate with balanced gameplay you've been waiting for! A unique combination of retail features and customized gameplay.

Basic information

  • Top Quality Files
  • Style: Craft-PVP, Mid-rate

Server parameters

  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Exp/SP x50
  • Adena: X10
  • Drop: X10 (chance)
  • Spoil: X10 (chance)
  • Quest Drop: x3
  • Quest Reward: x2

Special Bonus For Clans!
All clans will receive Clan Level 5 + 4500 Points! To get your Rewards you need to register your clan by contact admin.


L2Centos is BACK!
Register your party and enjoy the daily pvp!